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USDA Tree Search Publication

Mass. Division of Conservation Services   


Biodiversity Species List (120 kb)

Mass. Land Use and Management Plan (120 kb)

Open Space Plan Map Guide (80 kb)

Critical Habitat Features and Activities Checklist (100 kb)

Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences Natural Community Identification Workshop Materials:

   A Guide to the Natural Communities of Massachusetts:


Part I: Terrestrial communities (490 kb)

bulletPart II: Palustrine communities (300 kb)
bulletPart III: Estuarine communities (230 kb)

   Workshop presentation:

bullet Part I (1.54 Mb)
bullet Part II (1.17 Mb)
bullet Part III (470 kb) 

Mass. Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program Natural Community Identification Instructions and Forms

bullet Classification of Natural Communities ToC and References (870 kb)
bulletNatural Community Field Form Instructions (140 kb)
bulletNatural Community Field Forms (120 kb)